Hostility towards Boris Johnson at time of crisis has been disgusting

It almost appears that there is a concerted effort to belittle and demean the Government’s handling of this awful epidemic. I would have thought that there would have been a certain level of support across the political spectrum, instead of which it seems that party politics has re-emerged, with the usual hostility and acrimony.

The media, especially the television news announcers and reporters, have also jumped on the same bandwagon, trying to belittle and undervalue the mostly excellent work that this government has achieved.

The administration is feeling its way forward, faced with a choice. They are trying to show, on one hand, a balance between saving lives, and getting this disease under control, and

on the other, a necessary desire to get the country back to work.

Business is suffering across the country, yet people are still suffering and dying in care homes and hospitals. The Prime Minister and his team has to steer a way through this almost impossible tangle and try and get us all safely through it.

I would have thought that the Prime Minister needs our support, rather than the nit picking attitude that seems to prevail. They won’t get all of it right, but they will get most of it right.

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