Nigeria’s Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks colonialism, politics and pop culture

The award-winning Nigerian author expresses her views on subjects close to her heart, from feminism and identity to colonialism and leadership on the African continent Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the most famous African woman alive today. Not arguably, not maybe: the 42-year-old Nigerian is nothing short of a phenomenon.

A modern post-colonial writer and an international icon of feminism, she has been translated into 30 languages, had two of her novels adapted for the screen, and is in constant demand for lectures, interviews, panel debates, even sharing the stage with her African-American counterpart in fame, Michelle Obama.

“I think of myself first as a writer, that’s really what I am,” she is constantly reminding people. And yet neither does she hold back from airing her opinions on anything from Trump (worse than she could ever have imagined!) to African leaders (their incompetence makes her sick!).

When Beyoncé set extracts from Adichie’s TED talk on feminism to music she was initially taken aback by the public response, but today accepts the popular side of her image as just another way to get a message across.

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