Home Entertainment Sonakshi Sinha calls herself a ‘misfit’ in Bollywood

Sonakshi Sinha calls herself a ‘misfit’ in Bollywood

Sonakshi Sinha calls herself a ‘misfit’ in Bollywood

Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha has enjoyed the spotlight in the industry as her fame continues to surge with each passing day. However, the actor is not too happy about being in the limelight constantly as she recently spoke in an interview with Hindustan Times about not wanting to be the center of attention.

“You want to be the correct role model for people. Honestly, for me that’s not really difficult but something that is constantly at the back of my mind,” she said.

“I want them to establish themselves, not be dependent on anyone. These are the values and things that I want to project,” she went on to say.

“Other than that, for me, what’s been really difficult for me is that I have been a very low key person. I feel I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, which is what sometimes makes me feel like I am such a misfit here, because I would rather just go, do my work which is shoot, and come back home,” she continued.

“I don’t want to be like the main, sole focus of every place I end up in. I am a low key person, and like to have my privacy, which is very difficult to keep in this industry,” she added.


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